​​By far the best!


​"I've been seeing Liz for about four years now. She's a very talented lady and a true professional -- I've never known any massage therapist that pays as much attention to the trouble areas that my job creates. If it wasn't for her special skills and knowledge, I would have probably quit the job I have because of the stress and type of work it is. Her methods have reduced the amount of pain and suffering I feel from doing my job. I know that I couldn't do this type of work anymore if not for her helping me. She is always trying to improve her skills and knowledge, and she blends different techniques that she has learned to specially tailor treatment for each individual person. She asks questions about the type of work that each person does and then finds the methods that will work best for each one. I have been to a lot of different massage therapists, and I've never been so blessed until I found her. It would be next to impossible to find anyone as caring or as skilled. Thank you, Liz!"
  -- RJ, Winslow, AZ




Pamper yourself! Take a mini-trip to Hawaii and get a Lomi Lomi massage! Liz is gifted and talented....she is just wonderful! You won't be disappointed!" 
  -- Carol V. P., Winslow, AZ


Amazing results

"I had the pleasure of experiencing my first massage with Liz this year. Not only does she exhibit a high level of professionalism, she is hiighly skilled and has a broad depth of knowledge about several different massage techniques. When I was with her, she gave me personalized care; she asked questions that guided her into the best kind of massage for me. I also enjoyed a Hungarian Facial Massage during my visit. If you have not tried it, please do! You’ll be glad that you did! It has been a long time since I’ve felt that relaxed and rejuvenated. I am looking forward to my next visit with her. I recommend her to you wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Thank you, Liz! You are very much appreciated."  

Millie, Phoenix​



I have been going to Liz Blackgoat for massage for several years. Liz has healing hands and an intricate knowledge of muscular anatomy that inevitably leaves me feeling renewed, energized, and released of tension and pain whenever I see her. I love her fully present and centered manner, and am constantly amazed at her willingness to listen until she understands fully what issues I would like her to address on the massage table. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, Liz's generosity with her knowledge has been invaluable to me, contributing to my understanding of the causes of pain in my body so that I am thus able to continue to release this pain on my own afterward, subsequently prevent reoccurances of it, and pass this understanding on to my students. Liz is a true healer and teacher on all levels!"
  -- Ann, Winslow, AZ



"Liz has a remarkable gift of healing through her hands/massage work. I have had fibromyalgia for over 15 years and have weekly or bimonthly massages to keep myself going. I lived in AZ for a little over 1 year and Liz performed her magic on me with her therapeutic massages. I have had several massage therapists in the last 15 years, and I must say that Liz's massages were the most therapeutic ones that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. She truly has a gift with her hands. I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially to anyone with fibromyalgia. She is one of the best!"
  -- Mary, Lynchburg, VA


"Liz is always professional, gentle, kind and therapeutic for the body and mind. I leave feeling restored and renewed!"
  -- Joan, Winslow, AZ

Worth the Trip

"Liz has been my massage therapist since 2005. She continually seeks training to enhance her massage therapy skills. Because she is a RN, I feel doubly confident in her treatments. Currently, I travel 4 hours (round trip) for an appt with her." 
  -- Roberta, Gallup, NM

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